Professional. Real. Estate.

Metroplex Realty is one of North Texas' highest quality Residential Real Estate Brokerages.  

We are not a "brokerage shop" like most of the major brokerages in North Texas.  We are one of the ONLY real estate firms in Texas that operates as one unit.  This gives our clients the BEST in customer service.   

Often buyers cant locate their agents--which will never be an issue with us.  We have over 10 full-time Realtors that work in our office 9-4pm daily.  This ensures that when you need to see a home, that someone will always be available.

Often offers don't get accepted simply because of inexperience.  Since we work together, we share the knowledge we gain from the hundreds of deals that we have closed to date.  This has given us the edge in being contract experts.  

Our sellers have the advantage of our design and marketing teams.  For example, look at the last open house that we held for a $780,000 listing of ours in Allen in September in 2016.  We also take our design team and utilize them to help you take plans and ideas to real-world integration which will help you in everything from interior updates to staging, to floor-plans available for virtual tours and marketing materials.  

For example, see our latest listing project floor-plan to design plan--all of which we do for free.