Long-term Business

You are working with one of the Highest Quality Real Estate companies in North Texas.  It is important that you understand we are NOT a brokerage "shop," we are one of only a few specialized Real Estate Firms in North Texas.  

What is the difference? 

Almost all Real Estate brokerages in North Texas are individually operated by hundreds of agents who all work on their own.  Unlike other brokerages, Metroplex Realty works as one unit--this means that you will work with our ENTIRE team.  

By operating as one unit, you will ALWAYS have someone available to show you property.  Our lending department consists of over 10 full time loan originators that will consistently be available to help you through the entire financing and buying process.

By operating as one unit, sellers work with our design and marketing teams to handle your entire marketing package.  We consistently have over 100 agents, brokers, and clients at our open house events.  Check out our most recent open house event in August 2016 on a $680,000 listing in Allen TX.

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